Spring Into Wellness 2024


The Lab Athletics is a high-energy, individualized small group fitness studio. We focus on pain management while challenging your body in every class for the best results. During our Spring into Wellness Challenge incorporating with Dr. Cathleen’s weight management protocol, you will be able to take unlimited classes per week! You will be held accountable for these classes and to stay on track with weekly motivation by Coach Stephanie. With our Functional Fitness concepts by The Lab Athletics combined with Dr. Cathleen’s Functional Medicine, you will be on the right path to success and achieve the Summer Body you’ve wanted in just 4 weeks! All fitness levels are welcomed!

Spring into Wellness 2024 Bundle Includes:
  • 4 Weeks UNLIMITED circuit Membership at PC Fitbody
  • 4 Weeks Weight Loss Program Protocol including:
  • LipoAmino Shots – Skinny Shots | MIC with B12 Injections | Fat Burner | 12 syringes
  • Glutathione Shots – Detoxifier | 8 syringes
  • Active Greens – All in one nutrition & recovery support.
  • Super Shake – Vegan Protein packed with amino acids for muscle building.
  • Belly Bellies – Special formulated probiotics with enteric coating to promote proper absorption.

Take control of your health and Spring into Wellness !!!

* Call / Text: (813) 509-0681 *

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