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Allison Schupp

Dr. Cathleen is amazing! I had been putting off going to a holistic doctor for years, but my friend referred me to her and I am so happy that she did. I have struggled with thyroid issues for >10 years and Dr. Cathleen’s attention to detail has healed my body and spirit. I cannot say enough about her and what she does. I honestly would give her 10 stars if I could.

Donna Kovalchick

I love the fact there is someone who really cares about women’s health. My hormones were doing their own thing (not good for me). Dr. C really took the time to help me understand my own hormones and what they should be doing. I feel like my old self again. I am even able to lose weight. I have been on an eating plan for a long time, but I was not able to lose weight due to my hormonal issues. Now I have started to lose weight again and that feels sooooo good!

Jen Kearns

Dr. Cathleen really dives in to find the root of what’s going on then sets you up with a regimen to help restore your body’ a balance and function. I knew something wasn’t right with me for a long time and she was able to figure out what that was and provide a treatment plan to restore what my body wasn’t producing. I haven’t felt this good in years!

Angela Kasey

Dr. Cathleen and her Team are the best! I’m in my mid 40s and had been dealing with weight gain and migraines over the last couple years and been to various doctors to only hear “welcome to your 40s”. I heard about Dr. Cathleen through Martha VanCamp (be FIT Systems), which is another great person and program. I watched a video between the two of them where they discussed hormones and how they play a pivotal part in your life and how so many doctors ignore your hormones and tell you everything is good. I made an appointment with Dr. Cathleen and it has literally changed my life! She completed an in depth blood panel on me and went into detail with me about all my results. I have NEVER had a doctor take the amount of time she did to explain what everything meant to me. Through the blood work, we found out my hormones were all out of whack. She set forth a plan on how to get me feeling better and over the 2 months I’ve been seeing her, I feel so much better. I’m finally now losing weight that I’ve been holding onto for months, and the migraines continue to get less and less. I highly recommend Dr. Cathleen and her Team to anyone who is facing similar circumstances, she can truly assist in making you feel so much better.

Patti Penn

What an amazing experience I have had with Rajeunir Wellness. Dr Cathleen has been so caring and kind I can’t recommend this business enough.

Mary Cancio

Thank you to Dr. G snd her team for finally figuring out why for almost 2 years, I had been feeling awful. I had been to countless doctors, specialists, poked & prodded with no answers and you can imagine how depressing that is. After our initial consultation, I already felt better because she actually listened to me. I’ve been under her care for 3 months and I’m night and day improved & feel like I’m getting my life back. Highly recommend for hormone therapy!

Cynthia Cancio

Dr. G and team literally changed my life! After feeling like “this is the way it is” with feeling lethargic, weightloss was a constant struggle and never having a euphoric feeling- and after an in depth blood panel, we uncovered my hormones were out of whack and we created a plan to get me back to normal. I feel completely different and so much better in all aspects. The follow up from the team to ensure my improvement is sustained is so appreciated. They are very responsive and genuinely care about their patients.

Claire Johnson

Dr. Cathleen and her team are truly amazing. I was referred by a friend because I was having issues related to menopause, brain fog, lack of sleep, and anxiety. We did the blood panel and I have never had anyone explain my body and it’s function in such detail. She recommended the pellet therapy and what a difference it has made in my quality of life. I feel like myself again. Menopause can be a very difficult and confusing time and Dr. Cathleen has been a huge help navigating this path.

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