What Foods Support Thyroid Health? Expert Advice

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Are you struggling with thyroid health issues? You’re not alone. It’s estimated that about 20% of women are living with underlying thyroid issues. The good news is that there are steps you can take to support your thyroid health through the foods you eat.

To understand the importance of diet in maintaining thyroid health, we turn to the expertise of Dr. Cathleen Gerenger, a renowned specialist in the field. In a recent interview on Bloom, Dr. Gerenger discussed the direct link between our gut health and thyroid function.

Our digestive system plays a crucial role in breaking down the nutrients we consume, which in turn support the proper functioning of our organs. The thyroid gland, in particular, relies on these nutrients to function optimally. Dr. Gerenger explains that certain environmental factors, genetics, and improper nutrient intake can all contribute to thyroid issues.

One key factor affecting our thyroid health is the presence of environmental toxins. Chemicals such as fluoride, found in toothpaste and water, chlorine in swimming pools and water, and bromide in plastics, are known as halogens. These halogens can compete with the receptor cells of iodine, an essential nutrient for the thyroid. Incorporating iodine-rich foods into our diet helps support thyroid function.

So, what are these iodine-rich foods? Dr. Gerenger suggests sea vegetables like kelp and dulse flakes, as well as green leafy vegetables. When consumed regularly, these foods provide your body with the necessary iodine to support thyroid health.

While blood testing can provide a comprehensive understanding of thyroid function, it’s important to go beyond the typical T3 and T4 tests. Dr. Gerenger emphasizes the importance of examining the complete picture, including the optimal range of thyroid function at a cellular level. This approach allows for early detection and intervention, preventing major health issues down the line.

Taking steps to support thyroid health before it becomes a problem is crucial. Dr. Cathleen advises against solely relying on medications and encourages a more proactive approach. By incorporating the right foods into your diet, you can provide your body with the necessary nutrients to maintain thyroid function.

In addition to iodine-rich foods, Dr. Cathleen recommends including ginger in your diet. Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can be easily added to various dishes. She even shares a clever trick of slicing ginger and adding it to your coffee for a delicious and health-boosting twist.

To sum it up, supporting your thyroid health starts with the foods you eat. Incorporate iodine-rich foods like sea vegetables and green leafy vegetables into your diet to ensure an adequate supply of this essential nutrient. Don’t forget to add the anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger to your meals and even your coffee.

Working closely with a healthcare professional who takes a holistic approach to thyroid health is highly recommended. Establishing a baseline through comprehensive blood testing is crucial for personalized and effective treatment.

Remember, taking proactive steps now can help you maintain thyroid health and avoid more serious complications in the future. Consult with a specialist like Dr. Cathleen Gerenger to receive expert guidance tailored to your individual needs.

– Bloom interview with Dr Cathleen Gerenger, link available on wfla.com

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